ABOAT Relaunch on Binance Smart Chain

Hello dear sailors,

almost a year ago the ABOAT Token was officially released on KardiaChain, a small but aspiring blockchain with government support in Vietnam. After a bumpy start the ABOAT Ecosystem continued to develop and became more and more refined. Despite the early stage we are in, we already have many unique systems that connect the web2 to web3 world. Of course not everything is running 100% smoothly which is partly because we have a tough time management between our full-time jobs and the project. After all we also have to make money to keep the project running and to pay for food/clothing/rent etc.

That’s why we write this blog post.

We don’t see the growth required to keep the project going on KardiaChain. We need an active blockchain community to bring more users into the ecosystem. This is absolutely mandatory to make the ecosystem sustainable! Because of the bumpy start the token contract on KardiaChain got corrupted with too many tokens in the automatic liquidity contract. All this factors gave us quite the headache but left us with no choice…

Binance Smart Chain Relaunch.

We will deploy a new token contract with new security measures and the possibility of community driven governance on the Binance Smart Chain. All current Token holders will receive an airdrop of their Tokens into an 3 month vested pool. The pool will allow you to raise your subscription rank as if you were in the 360 day pool and you will also earn $ABOAT while being in the pool.

We will transfer the liquidity on KardiaChain 1-to-1 to Binance Smart Chain. Additionally we’ll do a small (5 BNB) marketing sale on pinksale which also goes completly into liquidity. Afterwards there will be regular buy & hold events together with other gamified tournaments like “MAL (= most active listener)” and “Questacular”. What lies behind these terms will be revealed another time :P.

Overview of the facts:

  • Liquidity will be transferred from KardiaChain to Binance Smart Chain
  • Snapshot of your current ABOAT and ABOAT-LP balances which includes
    • Wallet
    • Lounge (Pool & Farm)
  • Pinksale Marketing Sale (5 BNB)
  • Airdrop of your ABOAT into a 3 month vested pool on Binance Smart Chain
    • You’ll earn rewards (limited to these 3 month) and be eligible for all subscription level up that require a 360d or less pool lock-up
    • You can initially withdraw 25% and another 25% per month (until 100% are withdrawn)
  • Buy, Hold and additional events like MAL and Questacular will appear on a regular basis


We are looking forward to a great re-launch and hope you are as excited as we are!


Best regards

Aboat Entertainment Team

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